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For the first 1,000 users:

Complete TWO games played with a friend or a stranger and receive a FREE year's subscription with NO ADS!
(Once you've completed two games, your account will automatically be credited.)

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50% of profit goes to
charitable causes!

A new game from the mind of Bob

Love words? Love Wordle?

Then you'll love My Word!TM

It's a new game you can play with a friend (or a stranger) where you're trying to guess each other's Secret Word through a series of guesses and deductions.

You can also play against the AI at three different levels of play in either SOLO mode (like Wordle, you try to guess a five-letter word, but with no repeating letters, chosen by the AI) or in competitive mode with the AI, which is trying to guess your Secret Word.

Plus there's a built-in dictionary that offers access to the definitions of over 5,800 words!

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Key Features

Version 1.0 (04/01/2023)

• Endless hours of stimulating word play!

• Multiple levels of SOLO play : Easy, Medium, Hard

• Play against the AI.

• Play multiple games at once.

• Ad-supported or Ad-free versions available

• Use your own Secret Word or let the game suggest one.

• Play against your friends or against other MY WORD! players!

50% of profit
goes to charity!

(representative list)
Doctors without Borders
The Brennan Center for Justice
Union of Concerned Scientists


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Game Screens


Player Reviews

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Randy F., Philadelphia

“I am so addicted to MY WORD!
that I even taught my dog to play.”

December 12, 2022
Typing Together
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